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This seaside resort town has grown up immensely in the last 30 years, and is especially popular with package holiday-makers from Europe. From a population of 6000 in the 1970s, it is now closer to 50,000, although a high proportion of this are part of the tourist industry and here only for the summer.

Many cruising ships travelling around the Aegean Islands stop here, especially because of its close proximity (20km) to Selcuk. Kusadasi is a good base to explore this and other ancient cities like Priene and Didyma.

Although there is a little historical interest in Kusadasi itself, the town is popular predominantly because of its many hotels, restaurants, souvenir and carpet shops, and lively nightlife. The Kale district has some old traditional houses and narrow streets, and gives some indication of what the town used to be like. The most famous beach is Kadinlar Plaji, 2.5km south of the town, dominated by huge hotels and can get very crowded in summer. There are several small beaches further south, and closer to town is Yilanci Burnu, the peninsular.

Where to Visit

Güvercin Adası (Pigeon Island)

This tiny island off the west coast of the town is just a few hundred metres from the mainland, and connected by path way. It contains a fortress, which was constructed by the Ottomans and restored and strengthened in 1834. Kusadasi was an important defensive port along the Ottoman Aegean coast, and the fortress helped prevent attacks coming from the islands. It is now a relaxing place with landscaped terraces and several teahouses and snack bars.

Cruiser And Yacht Ports

There are two wharfs, where tourist ships are approaching and also a yacht port with 650 yacht capacity in Kuşadası. Ships are approaching to Kuşadası Port during all seasons. Passenger motor voyages are regularly organized from Kuşadasi port to Greek Island, Sisam (Samos) during spring and summer months (Every day between 1st April and 20th October), and during winter months these voyages are turned as charters. There are daily and hourly picnic touring passenger motors in the port, and Blue Tour organizing yachts are also in the yacht port.

Mosque And Caravanserais

Kale İçi Mosque

It is constructed in 1618 by Grand Vizier Öküz Paşa.

Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravansary

Built in 1618 by Grand Vizier Okuz Pasa, there are artillery holes still visible on the external walls, in an effort to protect the city against pirates. It is now a luxury hotel.


The most famous beach in the area is Kadinlar Denizi (Ladies’ Beach), 3km south of town and well connected by dolmus, which is very crowded in high season. Guvercin Adasi has rocky shores but it is possible to swim, and there is a small beach 500m north of Yilanci Burnu peninsula. A better beach is Pamucak,15km north on the road to Selcuk.

Thermal Sprıng

The most important thermal springs in the area are Ciban (Yavansu), Venus and Guzelcamli.

Natıonal And Natural Parks

Büyük Menderes Delta National Park

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